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Kevin directs and oversees all of NAMSDL’s operations and is the primary point of contact for NAMSDL’s initiatives involving law enforcement, criminal justice, military, veteran’s and information management issues.

Kevin has served with NAMSDL for more than 15 years, (11 as a consultant and four as a full-time employee). Prior to assuming the role of Executive Director, Kevin worked as a Government Affairs Coordinator and Special Projects Coordinator for NAMSDL. In these positions, he conducted non-legislative research and regular outreach to state and local stakeholders to identify drug and alcohol trends and to determine the effectiveness of laws, policies and programs in each jurisdiction. He also monitored state, local and national issues and potential regulations that may impact stakeholders’ planning. Additionally, Kevin participated in and facilitated NAMSDL’s briefings and meetings. Kevin has more than 30 years of experience in operations and drug and alcohol work with law enforcement agencies, multijurisdictional task forces, state and local policymakers, federal agencies and communities. He has had the opportunity to assist stakeholders in many aspects the drug and alcohol arena, including policy development, diversion control, prevention and treatment.

PH. 505.692.0457

Sherry L. Green serves as NAMSDL’s President. As the organization’s primary strategic and subject matter consultant, Ms. Green is responsible for the strategic management of the organization. She oversees the quality of NAMSDL’s services, documents and products; and facilitates and oversees the quality of NAMSDL’s liaison activities with stakeholders. She is the organization’s primary drafter of model laws and serves as a subject matter expert on prescription drug monitoring (PMP) laws and other designated topics. Ms. Green is a co-founder of NAMSDL and was the organization’s Executive Director and CEO for 20 years.

PH. 703.836.6100, Ext. 117

Jennifer manages NAMSDL’s information retrieval, storage, and dissemination systems to maintain and promote the organization as a drug and alcohol legislative and policy resource center. She is responsible for NAMSDL’s website, extranet, databases and assists with the Technical Assistance process.

PH. 703.836.6100, Ext. 100

Jonathan performs research and comparative analysis of states' drug and alcohol laws, regulations and policies. Among his areas of specialty are criminal justice and health care issues involving alcohol.