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Criminal Justice

“Federal officials would like to see Congress solve a number of current and emerging issues as opposed to the long and arduous process of ‘one state at time’. Suggestions include national efforts to schedule or ban pseudoephedrine products; amend the Combat Meth Act to require real time tracking systems and require electronic reporting in a timely fashion; continue pressure on the border; continue support of the INCB in regulating foreign shipments; begin discussions with the FTC regarding Prescription Drug Advertising; reschedule hydrocodone (to schedule II); implement a national Prescription Drug take back program; new laws regulating drug company representatives; and resolve (either through legislation or federal legal action) the ‘conflict of law’ issue that exists between a number of states and the federal government.”

- Scott Burns, Deputy Director for State, Local & Tribal Affairs and Deputy Director (Deputy Drug Czar) at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy