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The Highlighted Issues content focuses on current, important and relevant state, national and world issues and NAMSDL’s intent to synthesize and evaluate information and present it in an informed manner.


This report discusses the final recommendations of the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis. Read more »

opioid crisis opioid epidemic President’s Commission President’s Opioid Commission


These Congressional briefing materials highlight how PDMPs are critical decision support tools to respond to the opioid crisis. Read more »

decision support opioid PDMPs PMPs


This document provides a summary of legislation and regulation introduced during calendar year 2017 that pertains to novel psychoactive substances (“NPS”) and controlled substance analogues. The summary is divided into three categories of legislation/regulation: enacted, currently pending-but-not-yet-enacted; and proposed-but-not-enacted. Read more »

analog analogue bill status update cannabinoid cathinone designer drug fentanyl new psychoactive substance novel psychoactive substance nps schedule synthetic drug


This document highlights the latest trends in 2017 PMP bills and how state legislators are shaping the future of PMPs. Read more »

bills highlights PDMPs PMPs prescription drug monitoring programs prescription monitoring programs summaries


This document describes the similarities and differences among state mandated PMP use provisions for prescribers. It reflects the increasing refinements by state officials who are trying to use the mandate to increase PMP use by health care professionals. Read more »

mandated PDMP access mandated PDMP use mandated PMP access mandated PMP use required PMP use required PDMP use

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