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The Highlighted Issues content focuses on current, important and relevant state, national and world issues and NAMSDL’s intent to synthesize and evaluate information and present it in an informed manner.


Foundation Care shares how they have overcome the challenges to maintain compliance for all operational state Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs. Read more »

compliance data submission PDMPs pharmacy PMPs prescription drug monitoring programs prescription monitoring programs reporting


The review includes relevant information on the changes made in the past year in certain areas related to PMPs. Read more »

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This document is a product of NAMSDL’s extensive review and analysis of current state laws addressing driving under the influence of drugs other than alcohol. On a state-by-state basis, NAMSDL lays out laws pertaining to the standard(s) for a violation, implied consent to testing and penalties for refusal, penalties for conviction, treatment requirements, and selected appellate court decisions on key topics. In addition to this Summary, during the fall of 2016, NAMSDL will publish a multiple-part series on drugged driving in the NAMSDL News that analyzes the differences between state laws and discusses the recommended provisions contained in the model law developed by the President’s Commission on Model State Drug Laws. Read more »

driving drugged driving impaired driving intoxicated per se under the influence zero tolerance


This paper provides a comprehensive overview of state statutes regarding involuntary commitment of individuals with substance use disorders and/or alcoholism with an emphasis on inpatient involuntary treatment not related to pending criminal charges. An overview of the constitutional aspects of involuntary commitment and a two-part NAMSDL News series on involuntary commitment are forthcoming. Read more »

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