NAMSDL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to comprehensive, integrative and effective state drug laws, policies and programs
NAMSDL's Narrative Materials

NAMSDL provides a variety of narrative materials:

  • Overviews of key statutory elements of laws on a particular topic.
  • Compilations listing specific state statutory or regulatory provisions on a particular topic or issue.
  • Bill tracking documents identifying which state bills have been introduced on specific topics, the current legislative status of the bill and a summary of the bill’s contents.
  • Reviews of case law opinions interpreting statutes applicable to a drug and alcohol issue.
  • Legal articles or memos explaining the interrelationship among the application of federal and state laws.
  • Summaries, briefing papers or bullet point sheets discussing lessons learned and programmatic considerations in the practical application of state laws, regulations and policies.
  • Articles or memos describing state-specific legislative and policy drug and alcohol efforts.
  • Articles giving examples of data-gathering mechanisms and other accountability methods that can be employed to assess the level of compliance with designated state laws, policies and regulations.
  • Commentary explaining the purposes and implementation of a model law or policy or state drug and alcohol laws and policies and the scope and extent of the problems to be addressed. 
  • Memoranda on specific laws or a category of laws to explain what is or is not working. The memos will use available surveys, studies, evaluations, statistical summaries and anecdotal evidence.
  • Papers discussing legislative and policy options for addressing a particular drug and alcohol problem or set of problems.
  • Testimony on the model laws and policies or state drug and alcohol laws and policies, the purposes and practical application thereof and the scope and nature of state drug and alcohol problems.