NAMSDL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to comprehensive, integrative and effective state drug laws, policies and programs

NAMSDL has identified over 70 drug and alcohol issues that are potential subjects of a legislative and policy research and analysis project. An undefined number of emerging drug and alcohol issues may arise for which policymakers have not developed effective legislative and policy solutions. When feasible, NAMSDL’s legislative and policy analysis will discuss successful and positive outcomes of, or problems associated with, differing legislative, regulatory and policy options. The analysis will draw upon anecdotal evidence, study results, recommended practices or other pertinent data.

NAMSDL will perform the necessary research and analysis to support working group and drafting committee members’ assessment of existing laws, regulations and policies and useful language and to help teach users of the new or revised model language about the model’s similarities and differences with existing state laws, regulations and policies or other models.